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Splashbook's privacy policy
This document was last updated on Mai 15, 2016

The application is an unofficial client of the website Unplash.com. We connect the app to their JSON Api and we are using your approval to access your account. So by using the API, we are able to see the photos / collections / curated / profile infos. In a near future, you will be able to upload photos to your Unsplash account and manage your collections. The upload is currently unavailable. After some mails to the team, we can't let you upload any photo from the application for legal reasons (at the moment, the API team cannot be sure that an application applies another licence to the photo - this is something that we won't do to respect the Unsplash's spirit).

The application does not collect any public data about yourself or your device.
User connects himself via OAuth2 in a secured environment: the application doesn't have access to your login and password.
Plus, we are not able to say who use the application. There is no tracking system implemented in the application. By using this application, you can be sure that this is done without sharing datas with any servers on Internet and the navigation inside the application is totally anonymous. Datas are downloaded to the device. Nothing is uploaded in this version (photo upload could come in a future). However, if the application crashes, you can decide or not if a report is sent to us (iOS only).

Splashbook's team reserves the right to modify this document. Any change to this policy will be announced in an update of the application.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this application, or your dealings with this application, please contact us at: